A complete management system

Con moduli per ogni esigenza specifica, integrazioni e supporto


  • Compatible with PC, Mac, tablet
  • Zero installation, just use your browser
  • No cost of activation or configuration

A complete solution

  • All you’ll need is included: you can store unlimited customers, suppliers, items, invoices, etc.
  • 100% multiuser: you can work with your colleagues at the same time, on the same data
  • English and Italian interface
  • Sales documents in customers’ language

All modules you need

Sales and purchases

  • Sales invoices with multiple numbering
  • Payment tracking
  • Sales and dashboard
  • Customer defined price list, special price per article; promotions; price list import from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Pro-forma invoices and Estimates; turn them into an Order, an Invoice or a Project
  • Customer Orders
  • Purchase quote requests
  • Purchase orders
  • Suppliers’ price list
  • Purchase invoices
  • In and out Bill of materials
  • Active and passive Payment schedules


  • Invio e ricezione fatture elettroniche in automatico al Sistema di Interscambio dell’Agenzia delle Entrate*
  • Controllo dell’avvenuta ricezione allo S.D.I. in tempo reale
  • Trasmissione delle fatture elettroniche al tuo commercialista tramite esportazione dei file XML
  • Possibilità di accesso diretto del tuo consulente alle fatture emesse e ricevute

* intermediario: Aruba S.p.A., Bergamo

Stock management

  • Stock in/out
  • Stocking inventory and inventory adjustments
  • Multi-stock management

eCommerce integration*

  • Customers, items, prices, orders, stock synchronisation
  • Direct integration with web services, no file transfers or any other manual intervention

* available for Woocommerce and Shopify, coming soon for Magento and Prestashop

CRM integration*

  • CRM Customer Relationship Management: customers and prospects synchronisation

* available for HubSpot CRM, coming soon for SuiteCRM

Project management

  • Manage preventive and final cost Projects
  • Time tracking of tasks
  • Cost management of external and internal employees
  • Automatic invoicing, both for turnkey and ex post projects
  • Performance audit and margin analysis for Projects and employees
  • Automatic recurring fees invoicing
  • iPhone/Android Mobile App for time tracking, technical support, warranties, trips

Asset management

  • Archive of Assets with detail of producer, typology, version
  • Asset management related to customers
  • Integration with Recurring Fees

Garage and car showrooms

  • Worksheets
  • Mechanics time tracking
  • Archive of vehicle repairs
  • Automatic invoicing from worksheets
  • Mechanic margin analysis

Instant setup

  • Add yours users, set their role
  • Add your company’s logo
  • Import customers, suppliers, items archives from other applications with a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Export all managed archives to Microsoft Excel

Security and privacy

  • Backup on two datacenters
  • Firewall protection
  • Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Services included

  • 3 free online consultancy support hours at startup
  • 5 free help desk tickets per year

…and for the most demanding

Personalizzazioni dell’applicativo

We develop customisations for specific needs and mobile Apps integrated with Gest.online; prices to be defined

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